Login problem with system - web component with PHP script

hello every one , i have problem with login system ,so when i write right email/pass or even wrong one its showing me other screen plz need help

with regards

Check your php code, that after logic you set response content or resppse code you set for successful login. I think all will write SUCCESS only if their email and pwd are correct. Anyway pls check your php code.

Why do you set two times the rules if login text is empty

really i tried every possible
ma php code

@Still-learning any help plz

Use firebase login system

@Vishal4 yes i did but when i want create new user its delete old one and save new one :expressionless:

When user logged in try to catch the response content and code in a label and we will fix the remaining

@Still-learning give me login ok and open screen 2
but even its wrong give me login error also open screen 2

Instead of checking response code =1,
Get response content = give me login ok

Response content will never be 1. Look at your PHP code and understand the possible returns. There is no possibility to return number 1.
and improve your php script :+1:


In case of correct login you should have response code = 200 but not 1 as you wrote