LogIn screen connect Database

I am a beginner.
I want to create a business application for my company.
The app runs within a Virtual Private Network. We are using the postgres database.
The postgres database contains your user ID and password.
Is it possible to create a login screen with KODULAR based on these conditions?
If that is possible, how do you create it?

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Can You Tell more about Postgrees Database New To me .

1.Dose it has api

2.Is it Mysql then You can see taifun Method this method is Good and Not much Reliable good for Intermediates because it is much editable

3. You Can Use Deephost Mysql Extension it is good for beginners

Taifun Mehod

Deephost Method

MySQL Database Extension

Download - http://deephost.in/aix=39

Aia Files And Extension Will be provided in Devs Page Or app



It is for company Then Don’t Use Kodular or any mit Sources because your Company Can get in trouble it is dangerous hackers can hack this app easily I am not not telling that kodular is Not reliable but you can make Low range To high range if your company has a good Reputation then Please it is not Secure if it is a small Company then use it else use fluter, Android studio etc

As you have mentioned that your company uses PostgreSQL, so you will need extension to perform queries. You can ask Extension developers to make it for you.

To develop an app without extension, you can use Android studio(if you know Java). :slight_smile:

It is Object Relational Database Management System while MySQL is DBMS. ProgreSQL is used to handle complex queries, or data analysis. It is advanced DBMS but uses SQL.

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I appreciate the quick response from the community.
Thank you to the members who answered.
Kodular may not be a good tool for creating android apps for company’s business.

Depends on the situation. If your company uses MySQL DB, Firebase or Spreadsheet, then it’s a good tool to create Android apps.

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My company also uses MySQL DB, so Kodular may work.
What I care most about is dangerous hackers.
Is Android Studio the best development tool to prevent hacking?

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Kodular can communicate with PHP Scripts.

Use Web Component Kodular Block.

Create PHP Scripts with the Postgree connection and with Select SQL command in your database verifying that password and user are correct.

Return Json to Kodular.

In Kodular, handle this return to find out if the user exists, whether the password is correct or not.


You can develop by following what @Rogerio_Rios said.

Coming to this point, it is a big YES . You can secure your app the way you want. Android studio is great. Simply the best.