Login & Sign up layout [HIGH QUALITY]

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Login+sign up Screen pro

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This screen is amazing .You experience a great UI/UX .Never Seen before .


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Personal suggestion:please fix the accent problem.Means when i change the accent color to transparent it still display color [*after exporting the apk]


Good work !
I think it can be better if you remove the line under each text box and use the line of the textbox instead (set it to white instead of pink in your screenshots)


Actually he can fix the underline problem by putting the background color to none on the text boxes.


background color of textbox
Now its remove the pink line .


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instead of sharing ais file can you please share aia file?
because whenever i try to add screenais in my app makeroid stops working

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ok thanks for your reply,I am working on thatโ€ฆ

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