Login&Signup Modern+Professional UI

Hi I’m Kumaraswamy and I am presenting my 2nd Login&Signup UI template. Just made within 20 mins :wink:. This template would help beginners to design their app.

Screenshots: -

Features: -

  • Looks good
  • Simple&Clean
  • Professional UI

Prize: - Pay me hoping my androlex project finish and work.

Download AIA: - Login_Signup.aia (225.2 KB)
Note: - Blocks are not constructed

[If someone wants me to help you with the UI then I may help them.]


Nice And cool UI

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Thanks. :grinning: :blush:

Did anyone find something wrong in that “Thanks” message?? :crazy_face: :joy: :rofl:

No I can’t find anything

Try seeing it closely. :crazy_face:

want a hint? :laughing:

Its shorter than 10 characters.


what is the minimum letters you should type while posting

I answered it correct.

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Ok i will change it to normal

  • (1) I like it
  • (2) Option “1”
  • (3) Option “2”
  • (4) I don’t Like it
  • (5) Can’t say

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You have used html tags. This is the simple trick.

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Font quality is poor. I am not hurting you but it should be more attractive


I like the font, it can be used in other projects, right?

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you can get more from https://fonts.google.com/

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I can not pay out I can pray

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Very Nice U.I ! Font Is Also Cool ! :grin:

Quite successful :clap::clap:

You can use my website to get images