Login via firebase

Hello Kodular Community,
I need help. I am creating an application and it connects to firebase via mobile number when the user signs up, I want when the user logs in, it will switch to the HOME screen and it displays that mobile number on the screen.
thank all!

@ahadinhhai , please try searching Community before asking questions! Your query might be answered already!

Still here’s the Blocks you can use for that purpose

And Use Get PhoneNumber from Signup/Login Success block to show Mobile number

when Screen Initialize is User signed in?
Then OpenanotherScreen Block when Login Success :+1:


Can you help me out how to display the phone number?
With the greeting “Hello [mobile]”

Yes, Just Use join block or Use 2 labels (lable1 text to Hello, Set label2 to get PhoneNumber

I’ve created like this

I tried your way out but failed.
I will send you my AIA file, help me edit it again.
Thank you very much.
Beeplus.aia (4.2 MB)