Login with firebase?

I am making a login system with firebase (phone OTP verification)…
When I exported the app, I am not receiving OTP on number…

• I have uploaded google.json file , turned on sign in method from firebase , and have also uploaded the sha1 key …
Here’s my blocks …
Anyone please tell me what’s the problem

Check out this video

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Actually I have copied same steps of App helper…after that I have posted the Problem​:sweat_smile:

I don’t know what I have left​:thinking: so please help me​:slightly_frowning_face:

Firebase Authentication with phone number is not so good, some times user can not receives OTP.

I recommend you to use firebase authentication with Google login.

Its easy to setup, and use.

Actually I thought about it but there will be refferal system in my app…

With gmail authentication, anyone can simply bypass it by using fake email id(s)

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I never worked on login with phone number,

You can search on YouTube, you will get plenty of tutorials about this.

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Use google account picker instead of a textbox to get email id

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Ok thnk u all…I will try what you told me​:blush::pray:

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