Login with Google (pull and use id on page 2)

I followed this step by step but it didn’t work. I can no longer read or write data. I am getting FirebaseError Permission denied error. Is there anyone who can support me to solve my problem for a fee?

You want only google sign or any email password sign in?

I only want to sign in with google

Enable google sign in project. Add app into project, get json and upload to app

  1. Set google sign in Authentication.

  2. When user logged in get id token

  3. Use it as firebase tag.

  4. Add fb rule in firebase , it must match the way how you set it in firebase. Very simple

(First don’t add rules to the fb, allow admin to login. There by you will get id token, now add it to the fb rule then complete the fb rule)

I think everything you said is ok. The result is negative.

Screen2 =admin page

Sorry, o forget to give you the old project which i was working with authendication with fb rules enabled .
Pls see here

I’m starting to try this now. It will be an ignorant question, but when I go to page two, what blocks should I enter in that picture in order to write a text on fb.

I got an error that you are not logged in. It showed me a page with mixed text.


The jumbled text changes every time I press the login button.

here you try to play a trick,


instead of getting get id token, use set global token to get tinydb get tag ( token) value (get token)


so nexttime while login it will try to use the same token…

I guess it’s true. I’m testing now /// I have tested. The only thing that has changed is that the articles did not rank higher.

why do you getting tag?? i told to get tinydb token value alone, there by next time while login , it will not over write the exisiting value, nor sure how for it will work…



I get an error that you are not logged in. Email and name of users in Firebase are blank.

So every time login the id token value is changing… Why dont you use anyother method?

i mean, by using that extension, you use login via any email (but tell the use to use gmail only accepted)

once they sign in(save email, token), get uid token (it wont change just like firebase authendication i tested it). When they login success enable taifun gmail account picker(get it from community)

If the taifun gmail picker matches with email they used to sign mean, allow for the next step…

Actually, if you look at it, I logged in with google before. But when he showed me this method, I thought I should do something different.

All I was trying to do is I wanted my phone to recognize the user UID when it switches from screen1 to Screen2 and let me write to firebase.

Now, I guess I need to go back and set the email login, then teleport to Page 2, then it should recognize my UID and get permission to write to the page.

I really don’t know this place, I can’t. And that’s what I always ask.

In your firebase rules you are setting it to allow reading in the tags that have the UID (the user identifier).

But in your firebase structure there is no UID. You must create a tag with the UID of each user and inside this tag each user will be allowed to write or read what you want.

As you can see in the image, you have a label called “users” and inside are the UIDs.

And in the rules the “users” tag is defined and then the “uid” of each user.

“rules”: {
“users”: {
“$uid”: {
“.read”: “$uid === auth.uid”,
“.write”:"$uid === auth.uid"

So what you have wrong is the structure of your firebase database, which does not match with the rules you have put in it