Login with Google (pull and use id on page 2)

Hello, I am using google account login when logging into the app I designed. Then it throws me on (Screen2) page. I want only those logged in with google to be able to write their data to firebasetabase, while those who are not logged in with google can only read what comes from firebasetabase. What blocks should I enter on the Screen2 page for this and what should I write in the firebase rules section?

I tried these but it didn’t work

the blocks here are on the second page.

Here is my recording screen (screen1)

This part no problem… but the firebase part you didn’t show…

Once users log in you need to get token and that token will become us firebase URL, then only your read or write will become effective…as per your rules there is no project bucket itseems.

Have a lookinyo this blocks you will come to know what else need to add further to check up the write part which is only by authenticated users… since you didn’t add firebase bucket as get id you are unable to read the firebase and after releasing the rule you are about to read.

I hope you understand the difference now

I couldn’t ask a question because the topic was closed there. I don’t have the block shown in red, I couldn’t find it. And what is the reason why we do it offline/online?

What is done here is to transfer user information to firebaseDB and use it. What I want to do is that the person who logs in with google (it doesn’t matter who) can type. Pulling registration information from Firebase authencticaton/users, not FirebaseDB.

To be more understandable:
There are two applications in my project, the first application is the Admin Panel that the admins will use. The second application is an application that can be downloaded from the playstore, where users can read what is written. What I’m trying to do is secure the writing part by logging into the Admin panel with google. The reading part, the second application, will not have any google verification.

Can’t I write with this block in the admin panel?

visit here, it is because of firebase authentication extension in thunkable community

Will u send ui screen shot

I roll up my sleeves and try

The method didn’t work. no matter what I do, firebase doesn’t recognize me when writing to screen2. What blocks should I enter in Screen2 for it to recognize me as administrator? Is there a clear answer to this question?

where I scribbled there is an admin UID. I only want it to recognize this UID on screen2 and allow me to write.

Then what about users? If admin only want to write mean, how will you save each users details in firebase. I tried with simple way and got working. There by each user can write but read , authenticated people only to their account

The only thing I’m curious about is being able to write on page 2. anyway, the admin app will be only for me.

I entered these on my admin page, but it still didn’t work. I can not write.
işe yaramadı

You should Not set like this in screen init. Use if then block,
If user signed in
then you get id token…

… but remember, it will work in sign in page only. So instead of using separate screen, use different arrangement…

I followed this step by step but it didn’t work. I can no longer read or write data. I am getting FirebaseError Permission denied error. Is there anyone who can support me to solve my problem for a fee?

You want only google sign or any email password sign in?

I only want to sign in with google

Enable google sign in project. Add app into project, get json and upload to app

  1. Set google sign in Authentication.

  2. When user logged in get id token

  3. Use it as firebase tag.

  4. Add fb rule in firebase , it must match the way how you set it in firebase. Very simple

(First don’t add rules to the fb, allow admin to login. There by you will get id token, now add it to the fb rule then complete the fb rule)

I think everything you said is ok. The result is negative.

Screen2 =admin page

Sorry, o forget to give you the old project which i was working with authendication with fb rules enabled .
Pls see here

I’m starting to try this now. It will be an ignorant question, but when I go to page two, what blocks should I enter in that picture in order to write a text on fb.

I got an error that you are not logged in. It showed me a page with mixed text.


The jumbled text changes every time I press the login button.