Login with my WordPress database

I want my users to login to my app and at the same time to my WordPress. Ideally, the app connects to my WordPress database, how can I do this integration? Has anyone done it before? Could you make a guide about it?

Then you can try to use custom webview extension , evaluate js

Is there another way?

I did it, but i can’t create guide about it. you have to use wordpress api to do that. you can search on google to register account api wordpress

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What you are trying to do is something like SSO which is possible in multiple ways but the best way to use is using wordpress REST API for auth where to register you have to just give a post request to register user and if user is already registered then just map the message from error code or response text

to login you again have to give a post request where it verify users password & email and you will have to aga\ain map it as per requirement.

well even I am trying to do it as I know how to perform this but having a little less time I would make a free AIA for others once completed so all can take out benifit of this as wordpress has almost no restriction

Is this completed?? If yes so please share the aia to me , because I need it urgently