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So in question of my topic being a freelance designer… I am questioning some who have sent me Designs.

  1. A School Logo for an App - I’ll require an email from the Superintendent allowing you to have and recreate or brighten the logo, or else I cannot do it.

  2. Create any logo - I have no problem with this, HOWEVER I like to do research before creating it so I know what I can create that is unqiue to your product.

  3. Fix or Create this logo - I will again do research on the logo you gave me and see if it matches another product that I find on the internet. If it does, I’ll request you no longer send requests. If it doesn’t, I will therefore improve it for you.

… I’ll require more information about the app like Name, Description, Functions. Don’t worry I don’t tell. This is so if you want me to do #2 on this list, then I know what I can create based off research.

Please Note: It will take a few days for your logo process to begin and to be finished. By a few days I mean you’ll get it before you release your product as then I have a time frame where I can work on all requests equally. Don’t forget this is free work so it won’t come as fast as you thought!

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How to i will be send you logo give your gmail

You’re not getting my email…
You can send me a request from a PM.

I think #marketplace:sell is the right category for you. I changed category.

Please stop changing my topics.

But this is not off-topic. You are selling service.


Nope… I’m not selling service, I’m just talking about what I can do. Its not like my last topic, this is giving details on what you can ask for… It’s not saying I’ll do this for free. It’s saying remember this is free however I didn’t say it above that.

Paid or not, you presented a service according to your words. Anyway. :roll_eyes:


Again the meaning of Service is doing for someone, which was thought out in the other topic of which I said I WOULD design for users. This outlines what I can do based on recent requests and what I will require.

:joy: so start your service for logo

So are you gonna do a service or not, @hammerhai? If yes, #marketplace:sell, if not, #off-topic. If you don’t want to sell, well, we can all do stuff given resources and motivation.


My topic, my category.

This is literally going off topic.
Please stick to what the topic was meant for, else I’ll have to close it.


I’d rather you close it please.

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