Logo Maker App Made On Kodular

(Wow DoD) #1

Logo Maker

You can Make Your Own Logo


App Store/Download link:


AIA file (Optional)

(Is HasSaM) #2

amazing bro boht zabardast

(Is HasSaM) #3

please aia file de dy bhai

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #4

Do not ask for AIA files. If the developer intends to share the source code, they’ll do it themselves.

P.S. Open source apps are generally found in the open source subcategory of Koded Apps category.

(Wow DoD) #5

I will Share You Bro Soon

(Pablo Almeida) #6

But he promised the aia file
The problem is that he didn’t explained well.
On the Youtube video he made it clear that he will share it only after 50 likes on the video

He should have explained it better on this post too.

Anyway it is a nice app. I think you could add some extra features like allow the user to select colors, select text size, add an image from device etc

(Wow DoD) #7

Yes I will share you AIA File Soon on completing my task of 50Likes