LOL - Funny Memes & Lol Images


App in which you can find funny Memes & LOL images.
Upload your own memes. It has multiple languages including English, Hindi, Telugu & Bengali for now.


App Store/Download link:


Your UI is pretty good…:+1:

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Thanks @Souvik_Bera it means a lot for me… :star_struck:

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@aravind_chowdary_in another great app…! keep up i really love the design.

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Thanks @David I’m happy you liked it !! :star_struck::star_struck:

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Nice app, I wanted to create a similar app a while ago. If you don’t mind, where do you store the photos of the app?

Cloudinary …

Also, are you sure the content in your app is original/not copyrighted? Your app can be removed from the Play Store for that reason, so look out for that. Otherwise, nice app, maybe you shouldn’t make the like number cursive.

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The contents in the app is User Uploaded.

You might have issues with Playstore then. Be careful, read Playstore’s terms about User Generated Content.

Yes, I had for a while but I found a solution after talking to the Google team.

So is it okay to have copyrighted material inside your app?

For the state of the law in most of the countries, the user gets in trouble for uploading those (for now). This is not legal advice whatsoever.