Longest Block Ever Created by me,,,

i have created a Longest Block ever for my app, lol

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You should rethink about your blocks.
It can be done much shorter.
Why dont you use:


Also you can create procedures for lower blocks count


created and used above that but data is too much and for checking text box not sending empty data to spreadsheet because spreadsheet is not saving any empty field so i have to use that and then after send data to airtable, like its much data for a table

Be happy if it works correctly :upside_down_face:.


its working perfectly awesome and like a super fast, all credit goes to Kodular team that there work handle our apps load and blocks, thanks to Kodular Team for that.


As @Mika mentioned, you should be able to use procedures because if you take a look at your blocks, you can see a pattern.

You can also use File component to reduce all below blocks into 1 or 2 blocks. You could also use “list from csv row” block


i used that all methods in my other apps i am making many profesional apps with kodular but sometimes in lists and cvs rows data management doesn’t as well as i need, like a little data always change so this is a very easy way to check every text box and dosnt send empty data, so i have to use these tuff time blocks and its also working perfectly awesome and i am thanks full to kodular team and all of you,


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