Looking for a list view extension

Hi. The “list view image and text” element in kodular is great but it is missing crusial blocks.
The “Selection” and “Selection_index” blocks just like the “List View” element in kodular :
component_set_get (1)
The “List View” element in kodular only have one label. I need two of them, a Title, a Subtitle and also an image for each elements in the list.
Do you guys know an extension that can provide what i need?

You could use ColinTreeListView extension . As for the Selecton index in ListView with image you can use get position when click for example

blocks - 2022-04-19T160402.652

Note that position always starts at 0 so you should always use get position plus 1 to get correct index in lists

I’ll try the extension.
Thx for the tip :wink:

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