Looking for AIA Developers for $20 per Project

Hi all, looking for talented aia developers. Earn $20 per project. Interested ones can dm me with links to their already made apps



I made my app and i don’t think that its of $20
Overall tell that which type of project you want then decide the money.

My Upcoming KODED APP link :- Mr.Movies


That’s you need to tell what type of aia are you need then anyone make and reply you bro. No one sells their project with just 20$

@ShaikhSajidAli just need few people to do custom projects for 20$.

What type of aia are you need?

Give all the information about what you need, what is the deadline and others. Or else nobody won’t work for you.

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I want to add to this. You posted the same thing on the three main builders. Each builder has different components, strengths and weaknesses etc.

You need to tell us what you need so we can pick the right builder, and see if we have the skills to do what you need.


20$ is a lot for a project in my opinion. I have made apps for as low as 5

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If you want a serious response then you have to make a serious request. Did you do these kind of requests before. How do developers know they can trust you?

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Hey checkout my website and play store :v::blush:

Then tell your project specification or what type of aia did you want its easy to you to find that

I have a cool app and 2 other app idea if you want to know then PM me.

Yes bro i will but your price is low.

Are YOU Serious? :joy: . i can imagine you had about only 10 blocks of code in the project or maybe it was just a website mockup app you did.

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I never Do Website Mock-up and the Project Had about 800 Blocks for 5$. I have made like 1500 blocks project for 10$. So yea

I am serious

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How did you make the tutorial?

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Are you talking about intro?

Yes indeed.

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Use animation utilities and spotlight components

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