Looking for developer for byte operations

Dear Coders,

I am looking for developer that can create an extension to convert to and from bytes(from a text variable) that I can transfer with BLE component. You can respond here or message me with a price for something like this or any other questions regarding development for something like this.

Thanks in advance

You mean byte to text and text to byte?

Yes exactly.

In that case:
com.sunny.bas.aix (4.8 KB)


Byte to string is okay and works, thanks for it. Because of the my bad wording I get error messages when I tried processing the received bytes. Unfortunately these are not bytes but a byte array (in containes 83 bytes)

error messages:
com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.util.YailList cannot be cast to byte

Yes that’s true.
I thought that should be ok because you can’t convert a string into byte.