Looking for Kodular App Developer (Need to get data from WordPress database)

I am looking for Kodular App Developer.

In the app, need to show data from the WordPress database in the following ways:

  1. Latest post title list is based on 1 specific category. Once click on the title, a new screen will open and show the content.
  2. Show the list of sub-pages based on a specific page. Once click on any list item, a new screen will open and will show the content.
  3. App users will get a notification once a new item publishes (based on category).

I will provide the WordPress site, the developer needs to create kodular app.
Payment method: PayPal.

Thats the basic brief, If you are interested, please show me some work of yours. I will give you the details brief.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you

Personally message me

I can do it, Pm me.

dm me with your budget , i can do it

you can do it on your own here’s the tutorial

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Thanks for sharing. I understand that I can make that type of app myself but it will take some time. So if someone can help me by creating that app within a short time then that will be helpful for me.

I can help you with it you can PM me if interested