Loop Countdown timer and sync for all users. works even when the app is closed

Hello guys, today i’ll share a part of my project which many people asked for. this is a countdown timer which is sync for all users in the same timezone. you can set it to any timezone if you want. also the timer is not affected if the app is closed,stopped, or uninstalled. it will always be the same for all. currently, it uses the device’s time but my project will be fully sync with time from the internet so it will continue to develop. if you want it online than you can use this extension and also you can customize the timer according to your needs. So here is the blocks to make it happen. it counts backwards from 5 to 0 but you can make it count forward too.

currently im developing a game using this so if you help me test the apk, than i’ll share fully online countdown for any timezone. comment below if you want to participate or have any thoughts.

thanks, David.

Can you tell us briefly about your game, and what sort of reports you are looking for when a player is testing it?

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Incase you can try this extension too

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@deanart2012 I am creating a color betting game that shows the result on the end of the timer, “kinda trending game rn.” I need to make sure it is stable and bug-free before I release it that’s why I need testers.

@Still-learning Your extension is similar but quite different from what I’m making. but thanks anyway in case someone needs it.

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Any type of transaction and betting application which database is more secure

I have make it. using speard sheet