Looping in List ! Please Help

I want to increment the value of index by 1 for each item. How am i suppose to pull this off?
I know the long way to do this (using If else and manually editing the value) but i know there must be a better way. Please help

Very simple.

Use this math block


Put this part in the first area, and a blue math block 1 in the second

You should change the notFound to some form of number, otherwise it will give an error if there is nothing there.

Reply was faster than Bold…hehe
I am still confused Brother

The easy and simple way Is to set the index to Index in list Block and set the list to data list and item to the item

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I just want increase the value of index by 1 for each item in weURL_list

Yea it will increase by 1 because the index of each item in the list increase by 1 each time

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Brother If you have time then can you please elaborate i really don’t get it.

Sure i will send you the blocks on how to do it

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You can also set the pairs to get item like this:

It does the same thing as select Item from List block

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Let me try this

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