Lotação Praias - Beach Capacity

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Lotação Praias

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Is like a Database, that contains the maximum number of people in a beach. Due to COVID restrictions of social distance. The challenge in this app was to build and make funcional the “database”. I did not use any of the databases provided, or storage in files.


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Good app. Work on UI.

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You must share this as your app link.

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Thanks, was some error of me…

You did great with your idea but you may need little changes to your UI in order to get greater number of downloads.

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I agree. But i cannot make better UI with the default tools. Kodular is great but to produce some nice looking product is not enough. …
Any sugestion?

If you think kodular is not enough for UI then I will say only one thing that really you don’t know how to use kodular. You should check topics for UI there are many topics which expain how to make great android studio level UI with kodular.


And many other dev have project that has very good UI.
Use different Ideas and you can search for app design Ideas in dribble.

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