Lottie animation doesn't work in Notifier's Custom Dialogue

Problem Description:

If we keep the Lottie animation inside any layout (example: A Vertical Arrangement) and then assign that layout as Custom dialogue, then the Lottie animation doesn’t appear when the custom dialogue is initiated/opened.

Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

  1. Drag a vertical arrangement as layout and a button(button is dragged outside this VA)
  2. Drag Lottie component in that layout and set its source to any lottie json file
  3. Now in the block section create the custom dialogue under screen initialize event
  4. Check what happens whenever the custom dialogue is triggered on the click of the button

Below attaching the AIA and APK file which reproduces the bug

LottieBug.apk (5.1 MB)

LottieBug.aia (2.9 KB)

Let me know if I am doing/assuming something wrong

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I tried the APK and for me it works only the first time the dialogue opens. I tried it in OnePlus 6 Android 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Android 9 - with Custom ROM and Root

Looks like not working :thinking:


There’s also a label inside the custom dialogue but don’t know why that is also not displayed in this case :man_shrugging:

Is the Lottie animation and the label displayed? @George_Loungos. As there is no problem in dialogue behavior

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Ok so in your case the Lottie animation is displayed but the label is not. Maybe problem with Android 9. Let see if there is some solution.

Does your device’s Android version is 9 too?

I get a solid orange on Android 10. :confused:


Wonder what may be the problem :confused:

Got the Lottie animation to work inside the custom dialogue. :smiley:

It looks like the lottie animation needs the Start Animation block if we put it inside the Custom dialogue.
However the Start Animation block is not needed if we put the lottie component anywhere else like any screen directly or any layout(that layout shouldn’t be assigned as Custom dialogue). Don’t know why it functions in this way.

For the Label not showing part, it was just size of the lottie component. I decreased its size and the label showed up hahaha…silly me. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Edit (19/03/2020): I forgot to update the blocks here and today got a DM from a user who wanted to know where to exactly put the Start Animation block. So below are the blocks for the same.

blocks (25)

Hope it will help other users


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