Lottie animation not working


Lottie animation not working

Really nice bug description.
Now we now what to do…


Today You Have Good Jokes for Everyone…

The “not working” topics seems only like jokes…


Few lottie files are not working but not all. Already reported it to beta server. That’s all for now for this topic!


Ba dum tss…

I don’t want to be bad, but please be a normal person and do a search in the community :slightly_smiling_face:

There are too many topics about Lottie :face_with_head_bandage:

I asked why lottie is not working. Just yesterday upon my friends request i checked it in a new file. Its not working and the app is crashing. I request the members to answer if they know or else dont make fun of anybody.

First, you should know how to ask a question. And that is not like you did it.

Second, you don’t tell anything just post a few blocks. Even now you don’t tell anything except that some lottie file is not working.

How do you expect us to help you? We are no wizards or mind readers. We have told many users that many times before.

Show the lottie file. Post for instance an aia with the lottie file inside for others to test. Show error messages.

So if you want help you have to work for it.

You please check it yourselves sir. You guys are on the authority to correct it. All we do is just complain that something si not working. I am also using app inventor platform from the last 4 or 5 years and i know how to ask questions.

Imagine i submit the aia, then what you guys tekll, nobody is in a leasure to check it and show blocks. Try not to argue and please check that whether there is something wrong and solve it.

It is really simple. If you don’t show the lottie file that is not working i will unlist and close the topic. You want help you have to provide the info.

Yep you do.