Lottie File is not animating on Screen 2

I searched before posting…
I have 2 screens… (Screen1, Home)
The same Lottie file is animating on screen 1 but not animating on screen 2 (Home)
It is first frame and not animating…
Actual Animation: Two dots move in circular motion

Capture Capture1
No Blocks used related to Lottie as it animates by default

What about posting blocks and images

Added Images please help…

Try animating using blocks. If not helps, please drop the lottie link here.

Or try with another lottie animation

same problem with me also, here is link of that lottie animation

For me it’s working properly on both screens :point_down:

I think there may be two reasons for your bug

  1. The lottie file you are using is broken/not proper(provide the link here so I can test)
  2. You are not switching the screen properly.
    But this are my possible thoughts only

I have not used any animating block either on Screen1 or on Screen2 (Home)

  1. I edited lottie with Lottie Editor
  2. Saved .json file to my pc
  3. Imported to Kodular

Hello can you share that edited lottie file?

Lottie file

Edit by Mod, no suspicious links…

Why not upload your json as a google drive link? I check the site status and it revealed to be this :point_down:

Unfortunately, I had already opened this site. But looking at its URL, I checked the status and it revealed to be as posted above. So I am not going any further to download any file from such site

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I think it is because it allows any file to be shared (even malware)
It is a good file sharing website

You maybe right but it would be better if you create a google drive link(which of-course is more trusted than this) with your lottie file

Works like a charm :wink:

Please check if it is working in arrangements

I kept your provided lottie file in a Vertical arrangement in both screens and tried to change the screens. For me its working as it should

BTW here :point_down: are the blocks (the only blocks in whole project) for switching screen, just in case you need them

blocks (41)

Blocks on both the screens(Screen1 & Home) are same .