Lottie not showing perfectly!

Describe your issue

Lottie is not showing perfectly

Expected Behaviour

This is what it looks like on lottiefiles.com
No Internet Connection - Lottiefiles. Free Lottie, Bodymovin Animation

Actual Behaviour

On my device

Android version

Android 7.0

Did you used with another animation? If you didn’t use another animation, we can’t say this is a Bug without more information.

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Yes,I got same problem.Its not display correctly some Lottie files

Some animation are showing properly.
Some animation look like this.
And some animation don’t show at all…
Perhaps the there are some issues with Lottie json :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

I confirm that some Lotties do not work well. So I just use ones that do and have accepted that some do not.

Then we should ask @kodular team to look into it :thinking:



This link shows the exact animation on my app…
Will you please say how to fix it and make it look like this

It is a prolem with the Lottie. This is how it shows on my Chrome, Firefox, ad Safari

Notice the circle is much larger.

How can we edit it and make it look like this

There is an issue with the JSON, so unless you want to use ann Adobe or Keyshape app to manually fix it, I would choose a different Lottie.

This one makes more sense.

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Thank you @cian This one is working well…