Lottie not showing

Hi Koders,

I was working on a project and implemented Lottie Animation as a loading page animation.

But the Lottie don’t work it shows white screen only but some times by chance it showes.

Ignore the error at the bottom.
Please help me to sort it out and make to visit Every time screen open.


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Try to same the json locally and call it from there.

I find my Lotties work best and consistent when local.

Just save it as assets and call it by the filename, no ./ // or anything needed.

I m already upoad to assess folder.
If you r talking about some other emthoed then expain it more girls some screenshots or other

Ok I got confused because of this


Just do this.

Put your startup lotties inside a clock block, and remove it from the screen initialize block. Give that a go.

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If that worked please click the


Ya! I know but firstly I will try then mark it as solution

I tried using animation with lottie in a custom dialog, to improve UI. Id done 2 ways, for calling the source from local assets and URL, but its seem it dont work, nothing appear…Any update about this kind of concern?

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