Lottie not worked

lottie component not work after export app

We are no wizards, so ask a more clear question.


i already try but didn’t work lottie. my app was crashed in mobile

And you think posting an image is enough?


If you don’t specify what the error is nobody can magically fix it

Go here. Now see that download button? Click it, you’ll see a .json file pop up. Now upload it to your app assets. Set the source by default in properties to that, not a link. It should work, or set it to the animation you wish by visiting the animations page and downloading the JSON file. Then doing the above steps.

i also try that method but not work. when export app in android phone and open app then show error message your app has stopped

Can you try to create a Log for us with logcat?
You can find a guide if you search for it in community.