Love Calculator with clean UI

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LoveCalc Pro

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The Love Calculator is an effective way to get an impression of how bright the chances of stability & mutual harmony existing in a relationship between two people, find out what are the chances of you and your dream partner getting close to each other.


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First of all, big congrats for your UI. Amazing… really it looks very attractive one…


Text box alone might have changed little bit it seems. But anyway it is Really very nice.

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yeah, i was having a little trouble with text box. i don’t know how to remove the line in text box

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Set Accent Colour to None in Screen1 Properties.

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What’s the procedure ? How can you calculate love from names ? Btw nice UI :+1:t2:

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Be Careful this app might be do break up among two lovers if its not works properly
you are playing with there feeling :joy: :joy: :joy:
I have a doubt how you are calculating love i means what logic you are using ?
by the way nice app keep it up :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:


Thanks for your suggestion

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I’m taking two input and showing a random number between 35 to 100

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I’m printing random number according to the letter between 35 to 100

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Can you show me block please :roll_eyes: , how can someone calculate love using latter’s :roll_eyes:

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Great But How did You Publish It To google play store?

with my own play console account

sure. PM me please

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how can i get aia file

There is no indication it is for sale. You should state how much you will pay for it and if the developer is interested they might answer.

The aia isn’t free. If you want to purchase it then kindly PM me

Looks great! How did you make market images?