Loyalty points app

How to create a loyalty points system that allow user to earn points and redeem rewards.The add points and redeem part should be password security or scan specific qr code to access them. This app must also have login and register system and user should get an user id. Can I know if there is a tutorial about this, if not, can you help me by just shoot a video on the Internet? Thanks too to Kodular!!! Hope to see your reply

This looks like an earning app and those are not allowed by Kodular.


Something like this one can
It is just an fake app which has points and earn button and redeem and both of them got password to access
Hope to see your reply thanks

Can you suggest me some app builder which is free that I can continue my project???

How does a member earn points?

thats not made in Kodular or any AI, thats a templates from another app builder appy pie

Kodular is the best option bro, you cant find any builder where you can personalized or modify from designs and mechanics, you cant do that in other ready templates app builder.

Actually I want to make a program which user are motivated to use recycle bag in supermarket, and they will get points after purchasing RM10 in the supermarket. And they just hand their phone to the cashier to get points and the reward is given by supermarket after reaching certain points.

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Even you find a builder which allows making an earning app, you will have some issues when you publish on Google Play. Because Google Play doesn’t allow these types of apps too.

Then it is acceptable as far I know. We only do not allow applications with the only purpose of serving ads.

Not sure this counts as an earning app… The OP isn’t showing ads to the user and rewarding them with points. Their app seems to be more of a traditional “loyalty programme” app like the frequent flier/guest memberships airlines and hotels have.

I don’t see why such apps won’t be allowed on Google Play, let alone be allowed here.

Yes, I agree.

There should be several tutorials on YouTube on getting started with Kodular, and a few in English on making advanced apps with Kodular which might help. Alternatively, the OP can request someone to make this app for them in #marketplace:request


But actually this is just a school project so ai don’t need to publish it to any platform. So is there any tutorials about it??? As this is quite important to me

While there are no tutorials on making a loyalty programme app, there are plenty explaining specific components of Kodular. Perhaps you could sketch out what you wish to make and then search for tutorials on those components you will be using?

We’d be glad to help you with specific areas of your project, but we cannot provide you a step-by-step tutorial on making a niche app because you may have ideas that our tutorial might not cover (which is even more important in case of a school project)

I suggest you get started with a blank project, design the interface, and then slowly get into the blocks. The Community (and the search function) is always here to help you with hurdles :smile:


Thanks for helping me​:grin: If I got any questions, I will reply at here​:hugs:

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If I understood correctly;

Kodular apps doesn’t need to publish it to any platform too. I just said “when you upload to Google Play” and secondly, we understood that it is not an earning app, so just continue with your project and feel free to upload it everywhere, such as Kodular Store, Google Play or other app stores :grin:

Sorry for interrupted, can you make a tutorial on how to make a points management app???
With login, register user account and points. Besides, button with (earn) and (redeem) and there will be password on it. TQ