Loyalty system program work with game development

I want to create a Gaming App, and when the user completes the Game he will receive points which translate into some type of reward, and I want to give a free choice to my users to redeem their points into Cash and transfer it into their own mobile money, PayPal or credit card directly to their own bank accounts.

Kindly I need your help, is there any kind of such System and components with Kodular. Please tell me how to do it and which rules and policies should I follow.


For this to work, like all Kodular and AI (App Inventor) aops, you need to assemble the pieces. The pieces are called components when they are part of the native Kodular system. They are called extensions when they have been programmed from outside.

Yes you can create games natively.
Yes you can create a use based reward system using FIrebase (components are available)
Yes you can create some form of transfer to some types of accounts like paypal through extensions . (here is a good spot for them App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps
Transfer direct to a bank account from Kodular is not possible. You need a third part service to intderface with like PaymentRails. No extensions have been made for PaymentRails yet.