Ludo King Type ludo game maker required

Hey I need a Developer who can make app like Ludo King? budget is 50 to 70K INR
In usd 700 to 900 USD plz tell fast.


why are you asking for android studio koder in kodular community?

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There was lots of method to run a you search on community /youtube/google?you can find out easily how to use gif in kodular.& you can use lottie animation instead of gif.

i tried it but none of meaning to run multiple photos in frames and with webviewer its slow down the device

What you tried yet,show us.where you stuck

i tried it with web viewer… it works but in webviewer if png type gif then background black… and with frames i dont want it in game… simply using clock and some animation its hanging after some time…

by lots of effort developed ludo game but my client wants animation type ludo game which is possible by gif viewer…

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Visit this site.
This site will help you to make your gif turn into html.& you can load html easily

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and what to do next …
can you plz provide blocks

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Do you convert your gif into html?if yes then use webviewer to load that html.that’s it

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Use svg its best

I am already developing a ludo app, it has animations equivalent to the ones you see in Ludo King, i have already developed the offline 4 player version and currently working on the online multiplayer version, if you want demo then message me personally from my profile Edit by Mod: Please, DON’T put personal data here. Ask users to PM you.

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I am a full time developer and coincidentally i am making a ludo app, with features like offline pass and play mode, custom mode and online random matchmaking with strangers mode, using mysql and canvas and its elements, it is in the making but it’s almost complete, message me for a quick demo.

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