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LX Wallpaper App

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  • 3 Layer Grid View
  • Fast Image loading
  • Recycler View Without Extension
  • Nice & Clean UI


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Test App Link:- https://bit.ly/3cvBykT

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Nice amazing efforts

but its better if u set this option for user what he wants…
11 layout
2 layout
3*3 layout…

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It will be implemented in setting option, and thanks for the suggestion​:blush::blush::blush:

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Good job! I recommend you to put the screen title next to the menu button :wink:

Thank you for your suggestions

i already set out a post on it how create custom grid layout…u can check

Yeah I saw that but check my YouTube channel I have mentioned up to 5 layer grid view about 6 month ago​:grin::grin::grin:

Check my post… Grid view in one arrangemnt with one dynamic component…
1Ă—1 or 2Ă—2 or 3Ă—3 etc

I have already checked that…but what ever you did, I did that around 6 month ago​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

You used 5 arangemnts for 5 coloums… I used only 1 arrangemnt for every colum… :heart_eyes:


it’s going off-topic
you can discuss your koding skills in PM
or the best is - try a daily challenge.

And also only English Videos are allowed to be shared publically.
How it got ignored for 6days, don’t know. :man_shrugging:t2:


No one is proving that he is best…

And it’s not big thing

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