[made in kodular.io][FREE] App Privacy Policy Generator and Terms and Condition Generator

[APP IS MADE IN MAKEROID.IO for helping app developers who may have received Privacy policy warnings from Google Play Store or it can be helpful for those who don’t know to write Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for apps]

Name of my App:- Privacy Policy Generator for Apps and Terms Writer


This is a TOTALLY FREE app privacy policy generator. This also helps you generate free terms and conditions for you app and website. Whether you are an individual or a company, you design app for free or with ads or paid apps, this app is the best tool for you to generate free privacy policy for your app. Then you can easily add it to your developer account on Google play store, Apple app store and other app publishing markets.
It is easy to generate Privacy Policy for your app or terms and conditions for your app from this app privacy policy generator. Just fill the few details in app and click on GENERATE button. That’s it… Done

Privacy Policy Generator for Apps and Terms and Condition Generator’s key features:-

  • App privacy policy generator
  • Mobile app terms and conditions generator
  • Beautiful UI
  • Very easy to use and generate privacy policy and terms and conditions
  • Totally FREE
  • Generate both Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition in SINGLE APP
  • Inbuilt help guide to help you generate your Terms and Conditions for apps and acts as app privacy policy generator too
  • This will help them alot that also totally free unlike many other Privacy Policy Generators
  • Copy as Text or HTML the generated Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions
  • Share generated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as Text or HTML

✪ I will be coming with more features in future updates… mainly the generation of Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions in more than one languages

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First of all thank you for this application it could be used by many people I think, you’ve done a good work !

But, (without the intention to be rude) I’m curious about something : On your website you say that you (your team or just you I don’t know) provide help for design (web, application, marketing, etc.), but looking at your app I think maybe it could have been improved at this level?
Of course you’ll say that the more important thing is that it works fine and it is easy to use, but I think the UI is something that we also have to work a lot.

That’s just my opinion, right, do what you want with it.


It’s Kodular.io :kodular: now. :wink:

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Thanks for replying. I know it’s kodular.io now, but I wrote intentionally makeroid.io because I completed this app 5-6 days ago (when it was named makeroid.io) and launched it yesterday.
Thanks again… Suggestions invited

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Why your app trying save my device info to database


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