Make a block ( adunit from firebase)

Make a system for setting ad units from firebase.

I think we have enough Ad Providers at this point.

Ki think you didn’t understand. I was trying to say add a block on admob which helps to get ad unit from external databases like firebase or tinydbweb. So that we can change ads from our database.

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If you can change admob ad unit on block side.You can change it usiing firebase.Its easy but first you need complete tutorials.

Please suggest some tutorials links.

It’s not possible as currently there is no block to set as unit id.

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And btw why you need it? I’m sure you are making an earning app. Here, on Makeroid, we really don’t support earning apps.

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so he is need this block

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You cant change AdUnit ID after build.(on admob,amazon,whitmobi and leadbolt)
but you can use Facebook Ads for this

How I do that?
1)Create Database On
2)Add your Firebase Token,Firebase URL and Project Bucket to Firebase Component
3)Add Tag to database for placement id
4)And use these blocks

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