Make a list from datas in dynamic textboxes

Again I will ask, did you tried it ?

I couldn’t import it

I just tested and imports fine. Do you get a specific error error when trying to import ?

you wanna enter 1,2,3 format or 1 format number only need to enter by user

the user will determine the number of dynamic textboxes

Okay I made it now. Which configuration should I try to make list from dynamic textbox1 and dynamic textbox 2?

you want you to enter the number in format 1 or format 2


like format 2 but there is a second column as well.

should be a second column. so for example;
12 x 8
3 x 10
3 x 12
4 x 7
Calculation = (12x8 + 3x10 + 3x12 + 4x7)/(12+3+3+4) = 8.63

Give me a second to change designer so it has two colums. But calculation works

Yes calculation works fine. How did you get there?

it is quite possible with simple blocks just like this…

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