Make a list from datas in dynamic textboxes

I guess I need some help. I make an app and put dynamic textboxes which can be changeable according to given number by user. But I need to make a list from datas in those textboxes to calculate average of them. How can I make it or Is it possible?

It would be easy using [F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

save the textbox ( not textbox.text) in a list, then use for each item in list and any Component to get sum of all textbox.text.

Or you can try like this… Just an idea

Do you have any idea about how I can calculate weighted average by adding extra textboxes which will show acidity of other textboxes values?

which mean?

in the above eg i have shown you the average of first 10 text boxes…

I add another dynamic textbox which will show acidity of the given amount in the first dynamic textbox

Is it a chemistry project ? Are you going to calculate pH? …or do you mean something else with acidity ?

if you dont mind, can you tell meaning of acidity here? really i dont know… no matter of number text boxes, you can add , retrieve any number of text boxes…

If you give query in a clear manner, you will get suggestion faster…

Maybe You post somewhere that you are chemistry teacher :sweat_smile: i am just joking

For example in we can put 100, 150 and 180 in first dynamic textboxes and 5, 8, 10 for the second dynamic textboxes. When I click the button it will calculate them as (100x5+150x8+180x10)/(100+150+180)

why not… i is easily achievable… only logic speaks… already you have answer… in the place of number, just you have to use the text of that dynamic boxes… very simple process

make sure how many dynamic text boxes you need… also be clear upon button click you want the result or …

try like this, i have used only two dynamic text boxes…

The user will determine the number of dynamic textboxes

Try this and see if it works for you

dynamic_textbox_1.aia (38.4 KB)

Basically how can I set a list to dynamic textbox1 and dynamic textbox 2?

Have you tested provided aia ?

Where am I doing wrong?

if possible share your aia, or share your error