How to make a dynamic menu plus buttons in each" there is config

I want to make a plus button with dynamic components that can be set up every button, maybe there is a reference about it thank you

Is there an aia file that is the same case for me to learn

Let me understand, you want to press +, popup choose component type and after choosing type what do you want to do … ?

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I want to input the data and store it in tinydb like the picture below, I’m still confused how to initiate each component considering this is a dynamic component

tanks for respond …

I’m trying to understand where do you use dynamic components ? You press the + button, a layout popup and you add data. When button is clicked data is saved to tinyDB, layout closes and after that …?


I can add more componen and delete it, that’s all for now, there may be a similar aia file reference, thank you

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you can try anyone of the method mentioned in this post…

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Well thank you , but I still haven’t found a method to set every dynamic component that has been made, maybe there are more links that I need to learn.

I think then you didn’t see the blocks properly… did you test the aia attached with that topic? Git idea how did it works?

I have tried the aia file of the link but do not fully understand

Create a VA
add a listview with image block
add items on screen inita
If user clicks on any component, create a dynamic component with the selected component simple

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well can you give a little example block, I’m a beginner, I’m very grateful

Well the problem is, i can understand your first two images and i suggested just by seeing, but after the selection what to be done? You have not said clear that why I stopped with that

as I said …

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I shorten the procedure, first when the add button is clicked he will display a popup in which there is input and there is a tobol save to check the input earlier. next when the input popup has finished the data that was in the input will appear in the card view. I hope you understand. very thank for resphone

In such case what is the use of the second image, i e pop up shows list of component??? You want to show only typing pop up or components to display in the pop up

There is a slight change of plan here, I think for now I just want to create a dynamic cardview that can receive input from pop ups that will later be displayed in cardview in the form of text that has been input, and the second image is the next project.

Something like this…?

test (2).aia (280.6 KB)

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True like this thank you, then how when I want to add the button button in the list that has been made and when clicked will open a certain screen

Do you want to open another screen? But if it is in the same screen it will be good i think…
So you are expecting, on add button click, next screen to open, there this same arrangement will be there , and upon clicking save button this dyna arrange should appear in the add button screen itself, right???

yes i think you are right if i use one screen i’m very good , i just want to make a connection session and input data like this application
IoT MQTT (3.3 MB)