Make A Virtual Assistant

Yeah this works! But only pre-programmed functions work. What i want is for it to read whatever is in the search result no matter what the search is. Do you know how i can do that

That may not be possible In kodular I guess

Ok :frowning_face:. If someone knows how this can be done, please do help

Why wont’t you use a weather api ?

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Not weather api but maybe serpapi

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Can someone send me an aia file

Will document.body.innerText work?

No. I tried that @TechRead_Official

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How do you use that?

you can use its free version or you can get a paid plan of it and you need to integrate that api with kodular

Oh. Do you have an aia file of the same/any tutorial/any article on how i can use it with Kodular

you can use this super cool button imageand do some research , there are many examples on the community to integrate an api

I would definitely appreciate some help :grinning:

hey @Dhruv_Sanjay
you can try this free service by facebook is called

i guess it will help you a lot to make your assistant

Thanks. But how do i use it with kodular

He already answered you.