Make A Virtual Assistant

I am making a virtual assistant for an app. When I type"what’s the whether", it should make a Google search, take the readings and display the weather in my app. Can someone give detailed instructions

You want to do what you don’t know how to or…? I don or understand your question.

Try this. I used speech recognizer but you can use something else like a button to trigger a search

And please read

Sure , right now I am out somewhere once I am back I will tell

That’s a wrong method

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Can you explain?

Was a bit urgent. Waiting for your response :grinning:

How is it wrong?

hey hi try this apk and in the app there is a textbox just enter How is the weather and then press the button and let me know is that what you want

assistant_test.apk (5.1 MB)

he meant he wanted to read the content and you just showed him the code to webview.go to url

You can get webview text using evaluate js

ya thats what i did in my code

Can you send .aia? I want to see your code

assistant_test.aia (2.6 KB)

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In your code it doesn’t do anything if the question is not “how is the weather”. That makes it quite limited
Something like this could get better results

I just gave him some idea rest he needs to think , invent

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The Aia u sent was exactly what i was looking for. But it only works for weather. How can i make it work for other stuff as well? I’m a complete beginner to this

You can make a dictionary of the things you want like weather,time etc and set their values as the Javascript code that needs to be evaluated

Then you can check if textbox text = keys from dictionary the the webview will evaluate the value of the key that’s the js code

Ok. But how do i get the Js Code?

You need to learn js for that , do some Google search