Make app with buttons when anyone click it, it will open my own social media pages

I Want Create Personal App
That Includes Buttons
For Instagram
ANYONE Click ONE OF These Buttons It Opens My Page In That Social Media Networks . In The App In His Phone?

You are telling, personal app but if any one clicks it need to open your social media… what logic in this? If it personal app then why do have to share with others?

If you want use device id extension and allow your app to open personal accounts if the device id values matches with your mobile device id if not you can assign the app to open as you said social media page. That’s is the one of the possible way.

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mr gowri
i meant by personal app that icludes my pages on social media .
anyone want see my pages just click buttons on my app. then it opens
could you show me >

Very simple, one more question, want to show your social media pages within app or in default browser inbuild?

Find the URL of your social media pages, and assign them for each button.

When button1 click let it open FB
When button2 click let it open Twitter like so on

Use web viewer block,

When button 1 click , Call web viewer go to URL(paste the destination URL)

i want show it in there insta face twitter stored apps in their pgones not in web viewer

I literally used this today ha, coincidence.
The solution in this post shows how to do it for Facebook and Instagram and telegram. In the part where it says ‘example’ you insert your own username (for instagram atleast)

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