Make Approval system when user upload a post

hope you all are doing well. i am making an app which is so far completed Alhamdulillah now i am planning to add a user upload system now what i want ? when user upload any image or text status his/her post will need approval from admin so with this way i can avoid impropriate or sexual content to be uploaded in my app which can possibly violate google policies i am using airatable and cloudinary can also use firebase if required need your guide and suggestion on it

You can add one more column with a name “approved” and values true or false(default). Make a logic so that only those with value true will be visible. Now you can change value from false to true after reviewing the post.


how can i show or hide values i am using dynamic component ext in which i have created a cardview and in cardview there a image now when data is uploaded in airtable how can i show cardview with values contains true

You Need An Admin App There Your Setup Should Be Same But Add One Column As You Wish For Ex. Status When User Upload Images Or Text Fill All Your Previous Column And Set In Status Field “Pending” When You See A Data Set A Button For Approve When You Click On Approve Button Update The Flied From “Pending” To “Approved”

And Set If Then Condition If Status Flied Is Approved The Show Data Else Not


But questions is this how i will manage to show only approved images if i set an condition if approved then show data else do not show data now suppose if user upload image it will display as pending in airtable now all other images will also not show because if approved condition becomes false how can i manage 1 row to be shown or hide

The Condition Of if Approve Is Working In Internal of Device Not On DataBase Your All Data Of The Database Will Be Store In A Variable And If Condition Will Filter It

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The user’s app will have the logic that will only show the posts if the “status” field has the “approved” value that you administrator will change in your App.


Ok i understand now can you kindly guide me how can implement this

User < ------ > Database <-------> Admin


First create your database.

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If u dont mind can u only show me the blocks how i can implement if logic to of approved to be stored in device and call data from airtable of only approved posts

Here Is Sample


User <=> Database <=> Admin

Another simple example :
User Paul Post in Database (Kodular Procedure ):
Post1 Approved ( Approved by App Admin )
Post2 Pending
Post3 Pending
Post4 Approved ( Approved by App Admin )

And Any User look Paul Post in your smartphone: The logic in the Kodular routine “show user posts” + Paul, will be, “show only approved posts” and will show :

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ok thanks now this will work globally on every user phone if paul has uploaded a post and i have approved it then the approved post will shown to everyone who is using my app including paul and no can can see post that is pending instead of admin am i right

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This is one of the uses of database programming logic.
And users, obviously, will only be able to edit their posts, because in the procedure “edit my posts”, each user will only see the posts with their ID.

View My Posts Routine: Your ID = 76
In your Database
43 Post1 Paul
43 Post2 Paul
43 Post3 Paul
76 Post1 Mary
43 Post4 Paul
76 Post2 Mary
54 Post1 Lucas
76 Post3 Mary
54 Post2 Lucas

76 Post1 Mary
76 Post2 Mary
76 Post3 Mary

And then the user edits his post.

@Martin_Empties, Do not forget, the field that defines approved or pending, when the user inserts the post, should first receive the value “pending” because it is the default “status” of all posts when they are created.

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i dont want user to edit his her post now in my app user only can upload images when uplaod complete pending dialog will pop up and i will receive a request in airtable if you can help to create this with blocks it will be highly appreciated i have made the user upload system as you know it is just call clodinary or firebase,uplaod media when media uplaoded create spreadsheet,row now where should i attact the reject logic block

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Try study :


That’s what I am try to implement my Shopping App