Make card button click from airtable

i have created a card view with image and a button and also two lables. I wanted to get the data from airtable spreadsheet and i have sucessful in it. But i need too know how to link the button to the url in the url coloumn in spreadsheet in airtable

Hello. Please be more specified and show what you’ve done so far. Else no one can help you.



here i wanted to et download link from spreadsheet from airtable

here is my complete blocks

i have total 5 coloumns

  1. image uri
  2. label 1 name
  3. lable 2 name
    4.button name
  4. url

now i wanted to link the button to the url

my coloumns in airtable spreadsheet

From what I can see, you are only getting 4 items

yes i need to link the button to the url coloumn please help me with it