Make extension from this code

hey koders , I tried so hard to make an extension but I didn`t succeddd
and I want from you guys to make an extension from this code

Great!! that might be first library i will use for my aar injector project.


if you make an slider extension , make the slider is a dynamic and in the slider ís a cards not images , and without the dots , and without a automatic

you can do that using viewpager

I want it a custom slider , like a 1000 or more images
I don’t think the viewpager can have an 1000 image

I believe you can but it will scroll the cards one by one

*but I don’t think the concept is reasonable you should use a recycler view for 1000+ components if you want to use images or older phones will explode

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can you give me a small example , please ?

a slider made using pageviewer

شكراً جزيلاً mate I will try it

good luck let me know if you need any help

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