Make Extension Using iframe

Hello EveryOne,
Please Help me I will try make a extention using embed code ,
please enyone tell me how to make extention using embrd code .
please help :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Hi !
It’s me Again :smiley:

asking for help, as you have already done something?
asking for help, because you don’t know how to do it?
wanting someone to make it for you for free?

Please Tell Me How to Make using iframe

Do you know how to make an extension? have you made a simple one?
and what’s iframe?

embeded html page

then use webviewer, no need for extension

please make extension using embed code
Like deephost playdrive extension

Extension link :- removed by Mod

Please check my reply

Learn basics of extension development.

For this you can use WebViewer in frame layout and load html or any url via extension.
For reference check CustomWebview Extension Code it’s opensource

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Please make this extetion for me
please help