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I do not mind making money!

Hi guys, I have been working on a project for a long time, with many modifications in the course of the project, I still don’t want to start telling you what it is because I want it to be a pleasant surprise. right now there wasn’t much time left to finish so I started looking for new mechanisms to attract users to my application. I was thinking and would like to know if there is an option for my app content creators to earn money from what they legally do on Google Play. What dou you recommend?

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What do you mean by “app content creators”? Are they going to post videos, or some kind of media??? Or you mean by downloading certain apps from the Google Playstore?

My app will have options to create channels so that only channel administrators upload videos. So my idea is that they have the option to earn money since it is not possible on other social networks or platforms

What are you planning to get funds to pay creators???

If it is from ads, then you need to create a system to distribute money from the ad money pool. When you figure out that system, you can tell your creators that from certain amount of money they made, you will deposit the amount in a paypal or stripe account (the ones I know). It is really messy, and I don’t think that is allowed at all.

Other way is if you let your Content Creators to publish their donation media (Patreon, Ko-fi) and put a payment plan in wich the user pays to you a certain amount of money so you can put them in a “sponsored spot” at the top of the recomendations of your app. In this way, you get payment, you get the ad revenue, and you let your users keep the their donations.


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Sure, no problem. Be sure to not abuse the ad placements and invite people with many followers to use your platform, you can promise some ad revenue percentage for some time in exchange for them to use and promote your platform. And you NEED to be sure that your creators have a paypal or stripe account before creating a “content creator” account.

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