Make SUM all value from Goggle sheet in label

I’m sorry if this question has been discussed before, I’ve followed various tutorials in the community, but still haven’t found a way out, can anyone help me?, or provide tutorial references?, thanks before

i want to sum all value

Remove 0 & Replace Empty List

Remove + add items to list components use

can you show me please?

You blocks are seems to be not from kodular and it is violating the rules for kodular. So use kodular blocks or ask the question in that community else this topic will be delisted

Also show us gsheet data

under certain conditions, your block is correct.

This is an example of retrieving data from google spreadsheet.


Use qwery to select data from column D D

blocks (1)
blocks (3)

Infact the user can try this formula too… In the place of html pls try with csv while using as web url in kodular…

you can replace the col names sum(D) where D>0


And in blocks part just use remove item index 1

no problem, it’s just an example

it’s the same if we export it to csv…

And block web get text
Change index 1 to 4 on add item to list x
Bcoz column D is in index 4

blocks (4)

I apologize in advance if this is outside of kodular, but I believe members of the kodular community are the most trustworthy. :heart_eyes:

thank you my friend, this is perfect, thank you very much :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Thank you my friend

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