Make View Page In Bottom of Screen

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I Want to Make View Page At the Bottom of the Screen,it Shows in Top

Please Help!!

You can add view pager component in arrangement and make it to bottom in settings

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I do this but still above!!
could you show me how? or send an example?

try setting align vertical to bottom

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sam result

the problem is ViewPager does not float on dynamic component

i need to items show and bottom navigator still show

the problem is bottom navigator show after Dynamic card view

Take a vertical scroll arrangement and place view pager in it and below that place your dynamic card view arrangement layout within the vertical scroll arrangement.

And out of this vertical scroll arrangement place bottom navigation.

This way bottom navigation will be placed in bottom irrespective of the length of your dynamic card view layout height.

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not show a dynamic card view

share a test aia

import have error
make demo test
PageViewerTest.aia (6.3 KB)

check this,

Test.aia (2.8 KB)

ok fine Still tabs Show the Top I want to disappear it

ok I hid tabs but I want to open another screens when tabs between vertical arrangement

Many Thanks, My Dear The_K_Studio

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