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Cocktail Quiz&Game

Hi everybody, after months i accomplished to finish my fist real game-application. This app allows has to Game Mode:

  1. You can practise your memory and guess more than 100 cocktails just by the recipe, earning trophies and coins
  2. You can make proper cocktail like you’re working in a bar. There are three difficuly levels, Beginner, Advanced and Master and either of those has more difficult cocktail to prepare.
    How to prepare a cocktail? Easy- Read the Cocktail that customer asked and pour the right ingredients in. Once you’re done swipe up the arrow and send it to the table!

There’s a huge work behind the highscore table:
1 Table with all the trophies
3 Tables for the most talented cocktail makers either for beginner, advanced and master.

In the past it happened to crash sometimes, if you are experiencing some issues please let me know!

You can find it here:

Really appreciate any suggestions!


Nice UI and good idea! Keep up the good work!

Just one thing: the only-yellow design is a bit annoying if you play a long time. So use some contrast effects and a less brighter color.

However, stay safe and happy koding!

Thank you very much!
Have you experienced any crushes while swapping from Theory and Practise mode?

I still have troubles with that

No, but I haven’t played a long time. Just looked into it a minute.

Can you post a direct link to download the apk?

Here it is!
Even tough i am experiencing some crash problems lately that i’m struggle to solve, especially on the second start.
Hope you enjoy it!
Please let me know if something goes wrong

Good job in your app!

What did you use to make the highscores???

In my opinion, the background picture does more harm than good. I like the color selection of yellow and purple because they make great contrast, so instead I would put the background in solid purple, and the buttons in yellow to make the UI more clean. And the last thing, just put the buttons in that gradient of yellow and remove the purple arrow, because the text often gets over the arrow.

For Highscores i struggled for days, o used few values of TinyWeb and arrange numbets manually without using a sort-list.
I can send you the blocks for you to see if you need.

Have you experiencing crashs? (Especially on the second opening)