Makeroid app does not install on smartphone

Before someone comes to tell me to go look the posts, I’ve seen,

  • Decrease the image of the logo. I already did this 225 x 225
  • Build the app from scratch using only resources so Makeroid.
  • SKD min is in 4.1 - API (16)

Now I do not know what to do, someone please help me.
Chaotic.aia (654.9 KB)

And what does your phone say when you want to install?

Your logo = 720 x 720

is actually

What I know of, gif images doesn’t work, but I could be wrong…


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There was a problem parsing the package
about the logo - I change after upload here
and API - I change too API 16 and API 19 dont work

My phone is 7.1

Try this one



ok, abou the gif, they work. Screenshot_3

They may work when you live test but not when you build your app.

Try the app above, it’s your app I’ve only changed gif to jpg on 12 of your images.


the gif. thnks man

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Once you have changed your images from gif to jpg and your app works, then :point_down:.

Don’t forget to mark it as solved as it will benefit others as well…



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