Makeroid bg color isn't the same of the top bar

As i said in the title the makeroid logo background color isn’t the same of the top bar of the forum.
The makeroid logo bg color is #4527A0
the top bar color is #45299B
It’s a small thing i noticed :sweat_smile:

I love designers.

Fixed :wink:

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Now i feel better​:joy:

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Oh remember to fix also for mobile

The sites are the same, afaik.

As you can see the colors on mobile aren’t the same

Your eyes. Oof.

What “oof” means? :sweat_smile:

It is used to show the emotions of wonder, relief, or annoyance. Here, I used it to express wonder (because it was extremely hard to see the difference)

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Ok thanks​:sweat_smile::joy::+1:

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Hey there
There’s another “strange” thing
Is the post title font is normal ?
This is ugly… :joy_cat:

Notice : I am using Material theme (beta) :wink:


But as the theme sais, it’s “Beta” :wink:

There are some issues with it

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I will not publish all, there’s too much issues !