Makeroid design

There are many difficulties in working in makeroid It takes a lot of time to go from one component to another. Therefore, you request that the empty space of Makeroid should be used so that the problem is solved -

My example is that I think it can be done faster Work on Makeroid.

Makeroid पर कार्य करने में कई कठिनाइयां हैं एक Component से दूसरे Component तक बार बार जाने में काफी समय लग रहा है। इसलिए, आप अनुरोध करते हैं कि Makeroid की Free Space का उपयोग किया जाए जिससे Makeroid पर कार्य करने के समय को कम किया जा सके। साथ ही मेरे द्वारा एक उदाहरण भी दिया गया हे जिससे आपको component और Component Property दोनों के लिए अलग अलग जगह का इस्तमाल करे।


If this happens, it can cause problems with the tablet size and landspace view.
There is also an irregularity in the left and right part. Not symmetrical.

I believe that if it is designed like Thunkable, then the speed of working on Makeroid can be increased.


I disagree. Makeroid is different. Makeroid done something new. And also I think it not makes the work slower, and doesn’t makes any sense.

I can see some people are hating it. But PLEASE, PLEASE Makeroid, if you “fix” it, add an option to get back to the current, much better, more Material design.


I agree you can’t reach into component details area easly with one click


I work in Thunkable for 1 hour at work In order to do the same work, Makeroid takes 2 hours. Only to go to the property of Component again and again.

Please improve your design soon.

Well I didn’t notice that. I can work fast with makeroid, I don’t know why do people hate the beautiful design.

Yes ıts not good for us.We need simple ui .Less animation and bugless ui

The talk is not designed. The only thing to increase the speed of working.

Well it is. See the topic title: “Makeroid design”. And, you guys wanna “increase” (good joke btw) the speed of working with making an other design to it.